What is API and How it Works?

panelstopAPI (application programming interface) is used to automatically place orders threw your panelstop account just by calling a simple URL on our server. This is the most effective method when you have a lot of orders you won’t waste time all day by adding and controlling your orders manually! By integrating API into your website you will be able to automatically add orders. This method uses a unique Private Key Authentication share between the server and the costumer only. This key passed as a parameter in any calls you perform to identify your account. If for any reason your Private Key is compromised you should contact us immediately. 1. You can find API docs at 2. You can find your API KEY on : 3. If you are using API it’s your solo responsibility any orders made threw your api key, we will not refund any mistake you/your code made. 4. You should have enough balance to perform orders or we will reply with a FAIL error. 5. We have the right to refuse/disable any API Key if we detect unusual activity; including bugged calls spamming our server or any 3rd party errors without previously tell you/your representative. 6. YOU SHOULD NEVER share your panelstop API Key! Add order example https://panelstop.com/api/v2?key=YOURAPIKEY&action=add&link=exmaple.com&service=12&quantity=1000 Order status example https://panelstop.com /api/v2?key=YOURAPIKEY&action=status&order=207890